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Barrier-free bath installation with Geberit

Planning and decorating functionally, safely, and economically

Barrier-free living areas put high demands on planning and execution, because any potential restrictions on the mobility or safety of the inhabitants must be taken into account. Barrier-free sanitary facilities must often fulfill these demands in a very limited space while maintaining a high degree of functionality. Installations must also be safe, durable, and affordable for customers in any walk of life.

Geberit products for barrier-free construction adjust to requirements

Geberit products for barrier-free applications facilitate the fitting of sanitary facilities and adapt to the needs of their users. They include, for instance, toilets that are easily adjusted in height and flush controls that do not require grasping to operate. Electronically controlled flush plates are available for completely hands-free operation. Geberit PushControl bath waste and overflows operate with a simple push and lie flat against the surface of the tub.

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