Joan Connell, CLTC, LTCP, CSA Mainstay Financial Group

My mission is to assist you and your loved ones anticipate and prepare for the financial challenges associated with aging. Medicare and Long Term Care are two of those challenges. Having recently turned 65 myself, I understand completely the confusion surrounding the choices you face about Medicare and its associated coverages and supplements. I can help you decide on the plans that would be most appropriate for your needs.

And given my 32 years of experience as an RN, I also understand the need to prepare for another aspect of aging: the risk of needing help with simple activities of daily living. As a result, I now specialize in helping you find and select the most effective long term care coverage for the most reasonable premium.

Finally, as a member of Mainstay Financial Group I can refer you to my business partner for further in depth financial planning if that is your need.

I Retired after 32 years in Nursing, the last 12 of which I was Department Head of Nursing programs at Pensacola State College. I also served 21 years in the US Army Reserves Nurse Corps, retiring at the rank of Lt Col. I have been with Mainstay Financial since 2001 helping people understand how to prepare for Medicare and Long term care expenses.

I am a member of the Escarosa Senior Alliance Chapter of Professionals Helping Seniors.

Joan Connell, CLTC, LTCP, CSA ~ Mainstay Financial Group
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