Bill Binkey

Specializing in The Reverse Mortgage Program


I make my home in Prescott Arizona and I can work with Seniors in all of Arizona as well as California.

The Reverse Mortgage can be a 'life-changing' tool for seniors.

Recognizing that this product is not for everyone, my mission is providing Seniors with the information and resources they need to make a better informed decision about the reverse mortgage program.

If the reverse mortgage is for you, I can help you navigate the process. If it is not the best choice for you, I have a solemn obligation to tell you that.

I have found helping homeowners with a reverse mortgage to be the most emotionally rewarding work of my life.

Its worth nothing that I am also qualified to order off of the 'Senior Menu'. Married, children, grandchildren, 2 dogs, 2 cats and a lot of experience working with people.

Bill Binkey

Phone: (928) 237-9599

Prescott, AZ.USA
Regional Office: 500 E Fry Blvd Ste L-4
Sierra Vista, AZ. 85635

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