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Writer's Guidelines

Articles must be original pieces written for The Silver Pages. This means never before published on the Internet.

  • Articles must be non-promotional. Your article will include your by-line, bio, image and a link back to your website or blog.

  • Articles can be republished after a 48 hour embargo, but must be attributed to The Silver Pages as original content.

  • Guest posts are unpaid.

If you are interesting in becoming a writer/contributor to The Silver Pages, please read the writer agreement listed below.

The Silver Pages' Writer Agreement


When you submit your copyrightable Content to The Silver Pages (
TSP) website, you retain ownership of any copyright you claim to your submitted Content.

Permission to Syndicate Article

When you submit an article to us (TSP) you automatically grant TSP a royalty-free, irrevocable, non-exclusive worldwide license to (i) use, reproduce, modify, publish, edit, translate, adapt, distribute, perform, and display the Content alone or as part of other works in any form, media, or technology whether now known or later developed, and to (ii) freely and fully sub-license such rights through single or multiple tiers of sub-licensees.

The above is necessary for the following reasons:

  1. TSP articles (content) are automatically posted to a minimum of 4 other social media websites including Facebook. The actual number can vary and could be as high as 15. This number is subject to change at any time. TSP is subject to the rules and conditions of each of these independent services. Either party can cancel at any time.

  2. TSP has syndication agreements in place with other content distributors. Articles from TSP can publish to the online websites of major newspapers, blogs, or websites. In addition, the headline and a short description can publish to any of a long list of blogs. These are opened ended agreements. Either party can cancel at any time. TSP is subject to the rules and conditions of each of these independent services.

  3. TSP has an open syndication policy in place. This allows other blogs and websites to post articles from TSP without prior notification. The article can be published in full, in brief, or publish as headline only.

  4. TSP has a number of headline/link feeds in place. This includes but is not limited to Twitter. In all cases, TSP is subject to the rules and conditions of each of these sites.

  5. TSP has a number of companion blogs. Articles can publish to these blogs.

Please note: These are the same rules and restrictions that I publish under. I am always exploring new, better, and different ways to bring content from TSP into the public awareness. I am judicious in these agreements. TSP is a trusted and respected source of information; as a result, other parties are interested in republishing our content.

Publishing Guidelines

TSP will only accept full content articles. We will not accept truncated articles that stop, and then encourage readers to continue reading by going to your blog or website via a link. We only accept original content that has not been published previously on the Internet.

Exceptions can be made. For example, if you read an article on another publication and you want to bring it into the awareness of TSP readers you can write a brief description, include a quote, or brief description from the article and then include a link that sends the reader to the full content article.

You are free to republish any article that you write on your own website after a 24
hour embargo from the time it publishes on TSP. Please do not republish your article before the 24 hour embargo period ends.

If you violate the 24 hour embargo your content could be deleted from TSP.

You maintain the rights to the content and can reuse it anyway you wish after the embargo period ends. If you republish the content/article you should include a link back to the original content on the The Silver Pages, and recognition of the TSP.

For new contributors. If you have outstanding content that you have already developed and published, you are welcome to rework that content and submit it for publication to TSP.

Let The Silver Pages Promote You

Every article will start with your byline. Every article will end with your bio. Every article will contain your image or an image you select.

Your bio is not your resume or the place to publish your detailed credentials. You can include one link in your bio. If you have a page on the web that tells more
About You, I suggest you use that link. If not, use the link to your website or blog.

Your bio should end with your location.

The Silver Pages reserves the right to edit such contributions and to decline any contribution that is deem unsuitable for TSP.

When you submit your first article you agree to all the terms described above. There is no need to sign an agreement. The primary purpose of the agreement is to avoid any and all potential miscommunication.

The Silver Pages

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