Why Mind Design?

By John Bauslaugh on March 31, 2014

Why Mind Design?

To enrich one’s everyday life

Mind Design Games is a sophisticated yet simple set of 10 activities offering a dignified, timeless appeal that can be played by all generations, for generations.

Whether you are a caregiver, friend, loved one or family member of one who has Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia, you know how challenging it can be to interact with that person.  YOU are not alone!!  You need options for ways to interact and help in assisting with their independent entertainment.  Mind Design Games is a solution for both of you.  These activities are designed to support the critical aspects of dementia, while maintaining the self dignity of your loved one.

Mind Design Games was designed by caregivers to offer continuous, frustration-free, successful exercises for five critical aspects of dementia.  The five aspects addressed by Mind Design Games are:

  1. Communication / Word Recognition  (Two Games)

  2. Memory / Reminiscent Therapy  (Two Games)

  3. Coordination / Motor Skills  (Two Games)

  4. Visual and Audio Sensory Perception  (Two Games)

  5. Critical Thinking / Problem Solving  (Two Games)

Each critical aspect has two games addressing processing speed, attention skills, auditory processing, visual perception, and logic and reasoning.  Each activity offers numerous levels of difficulty to appeal to the wide variations of the changing mind.

Whether you are an activity director, family member, caregiver, or friend of a person with Dementia, or perhaps you have struggled with how to connect and interact with your loved one. Mind Design Games provide opportunities for connection that brings fulfillment and meaningful moments to each day.

To learn more about Mind Design Games, please go to www.minddesigngames.com

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By John Bauslaugh| March 31, 2014
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