When It's Time to Move

By John Bauslaugh on January 29, 2014

When It's Time to Move

This is a true story. The names are changed to protect their privacy


"It's not a one-person job, by any means, It has to be a team approach,

as it was here, but the CCAC staff has to deal with crisis all the time.

And they do seem to be able to do that, than heavens.”

It’s not always obvious when it’s time to move into a nursing home or home for the aged. It’s an especially difficult decision for couples if one has to move and the other stays at home.

Such was the situation for Phillip and Sally Chambers, but with the support of a lot of people, including their family doctor, they made the decision, and the move for Sally has turned out well.

Sally Chambers became a client of the Access Centre three years ago as her mental and physical health deteriorated. Phillip had never heard of the Community Care Access Centre until his doctor, told him about it. He remembers that the Access Centre ordered a wheelchair and various bed and bathroom aids that were “godsends. ” Sally couldn’t be left alone, and Phillip had to be with her all the time.”

Last year, Phillip had a heart attack and was taken to the hospital. What would happen to Sally? A call was made to the Access Centre. The case manager mania did an urgent home visit and arranged for personal support workers to look after Sally right away. She then started the process for admitting Sally to a short-stay bed in a long term care home until the Chambers could decide what to do next. The doctor helped speed the process along by completing the requisite medical form quickly, and Sally moved temporarily to the Trillium Centre.

When Phillip came out of hospital, now very much weaker, he consulted several people, including staff at the Access Centre and Providence Continuing Care Centre, Mental Health Services Site, where Sally had been previously assessed. He also consulted the doctor several times. “She said that if I didn’t look after my health, there would be two down and then who would Sally have?”

And so the decision was made. Sally would make the permanent move to a nursing home. Again, the Access Centre began making arrangements. Fortunately, a bed became available at Trillium, and Sally moved down the hall. “It was the answer to our prayers,” says Phillip, who is very satisfied today with the arrangements.

The doctor gives the Access Centre staff specific credit for the positive outcome of this crisis. “It’s not a one-person job, by any means. It has to be a team approach, as it was here, but the CCAC staff has to deal with crises all the time. And they do seem to be able to do that, thank heavens.”


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By John Bauslaugh| January 29, 2014
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