Top 10 Home Safety Tips for Caregivers

By on December 12, 2014

Top 10 Home Safety Tips for Caregivers

  1. If you have a two-story house, make sure all steps on staircases are non-slippery. The same non-slip treads you use for your bathtub can be used on each step’s edge. Or, if you prefer, install a stair elevator chair lift.

  2. There should be good lighting in all parts of the house, especially on stairs, ideally with a light-switch at the top and the bottom of the stairs.

  3. If stairs are next to a wall, make sure to install a railing on the side of the wall.

  4. When cleaning floors, avoid using wax or any product that could make the floor slippery.

  5. Remove all possible obstacles from where the elder person will be passing, such as flower pots, electric or phone cables, rugs, etc. If necessary, provide the elder person with a walking aid, either a cane or a walker.

  6. Advise your loved one or patient to always stand up slowly to avoid loss of balance and possible fall.

  7. Install a fire detector and keep a fire extinguisher on every floor of your home.

  8. An emergency communication device like the Guardian Alert 911 can be of extreme help.

  9. In the kitchen, put away any sharp objects, and supervise the elder person if they are cooking or doing any task in the kitchen area.

  10. Mark all appliances with an “On/Off” sign for safety and clarity.

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By| December 12, 2014
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