The Shocking Truth Of CBD and Your Health

By Marjan Parhami on January 11, 2016

The transformation taking place within the American elderly population right now thanks to a safe and nontoxic derivative of the cannabis plant called cannabidiol, or CBD, is downright incredible…

Cannabis prohibition is finally ending after roughly a century in the states, and that’s fabulous, but unfortunately there’s not many people around anymore that can recall when hemp dominated the American landscape and consumer culture.


When the plant was quite literally the lifeblood of the nation stretching back to the 1600s and hemp oils/concentrates were a primary means of medical treatment. Most Americans still standing today weren’t around to see the days of the Mexican Revolution when cannabis criminalization began along with Harry J. Anslinger’s infamous reign over the Federal Bureau of Narcotics throughout the 30’s.

For folks in their 70s, 80s, and 90s, we’re talking about generations of Americans who’ve been bombarded by anti-cannabis propaganda and the corporate war on hemp their entire lives. The deep-seeded cultural heritage with hemp plants was forcefully and tyrannically striped from our culture.


So it isn’t shocking that before a handful of years ago very few elderly had ever vaped or eaten Marijuana or swallowed a CBD-rich hemp capsule, especially in the name of medicine. For most American elderly, the conventional medical establishment ruled their lives.

Things are rapidly changing though. Older folks are waking up to a cold hard truth…


Cannabis prohibition has needlessly caused countless millions of elderly Americans to pass away much sooner than they needed to, subjected them to harsh dangerous treatments, and forced a lower quality of life of them. How different the last century would’ve been if they’d had access to cannabinoids like their ancestors going back tens of thousands of years across the planet.


Furthermore, it’s been denied them despite CBD and cannabinoid therapy being without a doubt one of the most profound natural treatments for the majority of the basic symptoms of aging.

How sad is that? How shameful? All for the sake of corporate profits.


Why I Founded

For my family it’s a bit different. First of all I was born in the 60s when the counter-culture did a decent job of bringing cannabis back into the American limelight. Secondly, my father’s been a holistic doctor his entire life.

So when he was diagnosed with Stage 4 brain cancer in 2012, we were open to the idea of using modern CBD-rich hemp oils. This decision ended up saving his life.

The very same hemp oil caused my mother’s seizures to simply vanish, an issue she’d been dealing with since childhood. CBD has dramatically improved their health and overall quality of life without a single negative or harmful side effect…period.


After going through something so miraculous and being swept up into the legalization movement, I became obsessed. Providing CBD-rich products to other people and families became the central focus of my existence.

I’m one of many, a growing army of evangelistic cannabis supporters spreading the word.


Since mid-2014 I’ve worked tirelessly navigating this paradigm shift to help build public awareness back up again. Did you know that full legalization laws passed in states like WA and CO, along with Medical Marijuana laws in states like my home state of Illinois, is thanks in large part to the elderly voting block?

The Positive Effects of Cannabinoid Therapy

It’s the older population that needs cannabinoid treatments the most!


For younger healthier folks, cannabinoids are a groundbreaking preventative measure, but here’s some of the specific upsides for seniors in brief. And these are well-documented, backed by an increasing mountain of official and anecdotal evidence.

  • Considerably lowers inflammation across the board.

  • Lessens the amount of aches and pains that make getting around more difficult.

  • Can successfully treat symptoms of arthritis.

  • Can help to raise the density of and protect bones.

  • Can help not only prevent heart attacks, but protect heart cells.

  • As a neuroprotective agent it decreases neurotoxicity after strokes.

  • Lessens stress, depression and anxiety, including social anxiety.

And on and on the list could go. 2015 witnessed an explosion of usage data and research and miraculous stories have gone viral both online and throughout mainstream media. We’re picking up the pieces and awakening after a lost century in human Endocannabinoid System (ESC) science and health.

Popular CBD Intake Methods Among the Elderly

I can’t speak for anyone else, only for myself and the customers I’ve helped. From my perspective the two most popular forms of cannabinoid intake for elderly folks are,

  1. Capsules: My father takes one of the CBD-rich hemp capsule we sell on the every day. They’re small, easy, portable and slightly flavored with cocoa butter. Each CBD capsule delivers a potent dosage of 30mg of 50% CBD.

  2. Pure Hemp Oil: While the potent taste needs to be covered up honey or rice syrup perhaps, our pure hemp oil paste comes in a convenient syringe application. Powerful and potent all that’s needed per serving for most people is a little bit of the paste about the size of a grain of rice. We sell 10g, 50g, 100g, and even 500g syringes of clean, pesticide free, fungus and bacteria free, environmentally harvested, and lab certified oil. It’s very popular.

Then of course there’s all the topical creams, lotions, and salves for the many skin issues elderly people face. And keep in mind these are perfectly legal in all 50 states because the focus is on CBD not the psychoactive cannabinoid that gets you “high” otherwise called THC.


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By Marjan Parhami| January 11, 2016
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Marjan Parhami

Marjan Parhami

Marjan Parhami is the founder of ( Natural Happiness™) where she sells lab certified CBD-rich products.. She's a hard working entrepreneur in the CBD and hemp oil industries, as well as dedicated wife and mother of two children. While Marjan lives in Chicago, you’ll often find her bouncing around America supporting the hemp movement and helping more people discover the wonders of cannabinoids.

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