Surviving a Fractured Hip

By L. Theresa Pantanella on January 19, 2015

Surviving a Fractured Hip 

Some preparation before a loved one comes home from the hospital will reduce the demands on the caregiver, and will facilitate recovery. It is recommended the caregiver purchase:

  1.  A reacher. This will enable your loved one to pick up items from the floor or those just "out of reach". Also, this device will enable your loved one to don pants or underwear.

  2. A long shoe horn. This will allow shoes to be donned without bending forward.

  3. Shoes that do not tie. Either loafers or tennis shoes with velcro closures are better. For ladies, a simple slip-on style without heels is another option.

  4. A long handled bath sponge. This will enable your loved one to bathe their legs without bending forward.

  5. A bath seat with a back for in the bathtub or shower stall. Sitting while showering will conserve your loved one's energy and will eliminate the possibility of a fall while bathing. Features to consider are rubber tips on all four legs to keep the seat from sliding. Anodized aluminum construction to prevent rust, and adjustable legs to raise or lower the seat height.

  6. A hand held shower head. Sitting in a shower with a fixed head will give the sensation of being in a waterfall. Having a hand held shower head will give control over the direction of the water flow.

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By L. Theresa Pantanella| January 19, 2015
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