Simply Walking Can Make All The Difference!

By Tracy Lamourie on November 03, 2015

Exercise is important for everyone - that's something everyone knows.


Sometimes we don't think of seniors as needing exercise... after all, it's often more likely that they need to gain calories than lose them... but there are very important benefits to exercise, far beyond the "losing weight" that most of us think of.  When it comes to seniors, exercise serves a very different purpose! 


In 2008, a University of Georgia study showed that seniors who kept up a walking program for a four month period showed "Significant health benefits".  It even proved that seniors can make disability less likely by maintaining even a light exercise program.



Researcher M. Elaine Cress, PhD, said that in the past, researches realized that walking and strength training could help encourage independence, and that "Our study found that walking offers tremendous health benefits that can help older adults stay independent," 


In 2014,  the Journal of the American Medical Association reported on a Harvard based study that came to similar conclusions.


In the Elders' (LIFE) trial from the University of Florida, they concluded walking can make a difference  - even if you are already aged! Dr. Marco Pahor, the lead author of the study , recommends these goals : 


 •   Get at least 150 minutes per week of walking or other moderate intensity exercise


•   Do resistance training with weights or machines two or three times a week, but not two days in a row.


•   Stretch and do other activities that improve flexibility and balance every day.



Some elderly people feel it may be too late to start on a health or exercise regimen, but doctors assure seniors, their family, and caregivers that it truly is never too late! 


Seniors should be encouraged to (literally!) take steps to preserve and encourage their health and independence... encouraging a walking regiment is an easy, fun, and interesting way to do it!  



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By Tracy Lamourie| November 03, 2015
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