Retirement Living Could Be An Option For You

By John Bauslaugh on March 03, 2014

Retirement Living

could be the option for you

When an individual considers moving to a retirement residence, it is often because they

have become less interested or able to take care of the daily chores of living. More often, something has changed, a loss, illness or a fall and family then come into the picture. How do you or your family begin to choose the right options to suit your needs? Should you make those choices ahead of time so there is less burden on family in the event of serious illness? By having all of the necessary tools you will be able to make an informed choice, and that choice may just be retirement residence living!


A Retirement Residence is a flexible lifestyle option for older adults who want to make their own choices. Retirement living lets you choose - how much to do for yourself; how much to have done for you; how to spend your time; and with whom to spend it. The work and worry of day-to-day living is gone. Most residences also have alternative care packages to allow aging in place, or to support short term stay programs to convalesce from an illness or injury.


The hotel-style or apartment suites available in Retirement Residences are rented to customers with a meal and service package included. They vary widely in location, size, price, amenities, programs and services. The mix of staff and residents also contributes greatly to the "personality" of each place. That's why it's important to look beyond the physical structure and spend the necessary time to ask questions, talk with people and generally "sample the product". The Ontario Residential Care Association (ORCA) is the self governing body of retirement residences in Ontario. Their website has excellent information and shopping tools in order to be more prepared when touring the retirement residences in your area. Residents enjoy the companionship of others who

share their memories of yesterday and their interests of today. The variety of activities

and outings available provide each resident with the fulfilment they deserve. They have

the choice to participate as much or as little as they want. Amenities found to support

programs are: equipped exercise rooms, movie theatres, library & internet, bistros,

spa rooms, salon services, country kitchens, games rooms, bar services.


Retirement Living” could be the option for you

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By John Bauslaugh| March 03, 2014
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