Questions Families Need To Ask About Older Drivers

By Bill Crittenden on June 02, 2014

Questions Families Need To Ask About Older Drivers

How do you say in a polite, forceful, cooperation-engendering, and loving way this thought? “Dad, I have a growing concern about your ability, or lack of ability, to drive safely in city traffic. You and I have spoken before about this issue and about the possibility of your either being injured or injuring someone else. You just need to know that I am concerned. What are your thoughts about these things?”

Realistically this may be a difficult conversation without a positive outcome – the first time the issue is explored. Planting the seeds for future positive conversations is the primary goal. Many questions need to be asked and answered about older drivers. How have you explored these issues with your family members and older drivers? What went well and what went with increased difficulty? How will your future conversations change as a result of your thinking about these issues? These are the very issues that are addressed in the booklet entitled “Questions Families Need to Ask About Older Drivers”, which I encourage everyone to read, which is available on The Hartford’s website.

To receive a copy of the booklet, please click on the link below:

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By Bill Crittenden| June 02, 2014
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