Palliative Care Services for People at Home

By John Bauslaugh on November 01, 2015

What is palliative care? Palliative care is a special kind of health care for individuals and families who are living with a life threatening illness that is usually at an advanced stage. Care is designed to relive suffering and improve the quality of life for the person who is dying as well as provide support to family during the dying process.


Why should I have to think about palliative care? With hospital beds at a premium, staying in hospital with a terminal condition may not even be an option these days, so knowing what palliative services are available in the community and understanding how to access them is important. However, if you need or want care in your home beyond government or insurance, you need to arrange for additional services through Private companies.



Where can I get these kind of services? There are a growing number of home care companies offering these services in the community. The Yellow Pages will help. Services range from complex nursing care to homemaking and watchful companionship and the costs vary according to the level of care required and the number of hours of care you want. You are free to call any company you wish and you do not need permission from your doctor to order these services.


How do I choose the company that is right for me and my family? Before you call, try to make a list of your needs to determine what care issues are important to you and your family. Choose a company that is flexible and can meet your specific request. 24 hour on call nursing supervisory support is also essential as situations often arise on weekends, and after regular hours. Many times just being able to talk to someone who understands, makes a difference.


Good palliative care services help people live out their remaining time in comfort and dignity.

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By John Bauslaugh| November 01, 2015
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