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By John Bauslaugh on November 05, 2013

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We know the facts. We hear the news everyday. We’re all getting older. We are becoming the fastest growing segment in the population today. In fact, some estimates suggest that by the year 2025, 1 in 4 Canadians will be over 60.

Information on home health care and independent living in Canada.

That staggering number means two things. First, we need information we can trust to help us plan for our aging parents. We need information on home health care. We need to know how to help them live independently as long as possible. We need to help them plan for the future.

But here at the Silver Pages we are Baby Boomers – and as Boomers we recognize that we need information on home health care, health and wellness, and barrier free living for ourselves too.

We have to make plans to ensure we can live as independently and as comfortably as possible. And we have to plan for our own futures.

Whether you are making plans for yourself or caring for someone else,

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By John Bauslaugh| November 05, 2013
Categories:  Care Giving

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John Bauslaugh

John Bauslaugh

John has been reporting on home health care and independent living for over ten years. In addition to extensive research, John writes on important issues from personal experience.

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