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Many of us find ourselves torn. We have an important role as a caregiver to an aging or disable parent, spouse, relative or companion – while at the same time we are trying to raise our immediate families and plan for our own futures as active baby boomers and seniors.

Detailed and accurate information that we can rely on is critical to help us make the types of decisions we need to make. This site features that information and resources on:

  • Home Health Care

  • Independent Living

  • Dementia

  • Caregivers

  • The Marketplace

  • And many more

We also feature an 'Ask the Expert' area, which highlights a wide cross section of respected professionals who can answer questions about such topics as:

  • Aging safely in place

  • Senior care services

  • Barrier free living

  • Assisted living options

  • Accessibility

  • Estate Planning

  • Downsizing

  • And many more


John Bauslaugh, Publisher

John Bauslaugh has worked in the print and broadcast industry for over thirty years. His career progressed from advertising sales for local newspapers and radio stations to becoming National Sales Director for severa magazines. In April 2002, he purchased The Silver Pages, a 50 plus lifestyle magazine for active seniors. John quickly realized that The Silver Pages readers were hungry for accurate information about home health care and independent living. Therefore, John changed the format of The Silver Pages to meet this new demand for information.

There are a lot of good purlciations in the marketplace that serve the Active Adult Industry. The Silver Pages changed to fill the demand for home healthcare and independent living information,” explained John. “There is a demand for this information and The Silver Pages is here to serve that need.”

As of November 2013, I closed the print division of The Silver Pages as it was getting too expensive for my readers and advertisers to support print in this new digital age. We are now focusing all of our resources into This site will be published in real time. It will be more responsive to my readers needs and the information can be updated on a daily basis.”

We want to help baby boomers and seniors who are becoming a major caregiver. It is a trying time for them and The Silver Pages can help guide them through it,” explained Mr. Bauslaugh.

The Silver Pages
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